Toucan Can-Can

A Funny Tongue Twister Poem for Kids

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Toucan Can-Can by Kenn Nesbitt

If a toucan has a tutu
she can do the can-can dance.
(The can-can is a dance that
tutu’d toucans do in France.)

When a toucan does the tutu can-can,
two can can-can too.
So, if you have a tutu too
to can-can, so can you.

 — Kenn Nesbitt

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Reading Level: Grade 3

Topics: Animal Poems, Wordplay

Poetic Techniques: Anthropomorphism & Personification, Descriptive Poems, Repetition, Wordplay


About This Poem

One of my favorite old-time poets is Carolyn Wells who wrote a wonderful collection of children’s poetry in 1899 called The Jingle BookThe Jingle Book contains some of my favorite tongue-twister poems of all time, including “The Butter Betty Bought” and “The Tutor.”

But perhaps the most ingenious poem in the book is one called “The 4.04 Train” (pronounced “The four-four train”). In that poem, she is able to say the word “four” or “for” nine times in a row and still make sense.

Recently, I was thinking about her poem and began to wonder if there were any other numbers had multiple meanings and decided to write a poem using the number two, and it’s homophones, too, and to. The result was this poem about a toucan in a tutu. I hope you have as much fun reading it as had writing it.

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