The Pretzel, the Pig, and the Baby Baboon

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The pretzel, the pig and the baby baboon
went sailing away in a cardboard balloon.
They floated from Tuesday till sometime in June
on the vapors of valentine mints.

The baby baboon and the pretzel and pig
were happy at home in their bell-bottomed rig.
The flung off their caps as they jiggled a jig
over mountains of satin and chintz.

The pretzel played banjo and wiggled about.
The baby baboon gave a whoop and a shout.
The pig ate a pickle and polished his snout.
as they flew through a candy cane sky.

They soared on the breeze over cinnamon seas
and counted the stars in the sassafras trees,
then dined on spaghetti and strawberry teas
with bananas and Boston cream pie.

So give me your hand and we’ll stroll down the strand.
We’ll splash in the surf and collapse on the sand,
to wait near the spot where they’re planning to land
for I hear that they’re coming home soon.

We’ll watch for the pig and the pretzel as well,
commanding their craft over billow and swell,
to guide them home safely by ringing a bell
by the light of the indigo moon.