My Parrot Doesn’t Care to Fly

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From the book The Tighty-Whitey Spider

My parrot doesn’t care to fly.
Although it sounds absurd,
he much prefers to skydive.
He’s a most peculiar bird.

You’ll see him leap from airplanes
in his zip-up nylon suit,
with goggles and a helmet
and, of course, a parachute.

He plummets toward the earth
and nearly breaks the speed of sound,
then pulls the ripcord just in time
before he hits the ground.

He skydives almost every day.
It leaves him feeling super.
And this is why he doesn’t fly:
Yep, he’s a parrotrooper.

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Reading Level: Grade 4

Topics: Animal Poems, Wordplay

Poetic Techniques: Anthropomorphism & Personification, Descriptive Poems, Imagery, Pun Poems


From the Book The Tighty-Whitey Spider

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