Monkey Dream

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(to the tune of “The Battle Hymn of the Republic” or “Glory, Glory Hallelujah”)

I dreamed that there were twenty monkeys bouncing on my bed.
They were jumping up and down and nearly landing on my head.
Then they started having pillow fights and throwing stuff instead.
I loved my dream that day!

Stuff went flying through the air then.
First a picture then a chair, then
all my socks and underwear then.
I loved my dream that day!

They ran around my bedroom throwing basketballs and bats.
They had toppled all my trophies. They were tossing all my hats.
It was obvious those monkeys were a bunch of little brats.
I’m not sure what to say!

Books went flying out the door, and
clothes were pulled from every drawer, and
junk had covered up the floor, and
I wished they’d go away!

I woke to find my bedroom a complete and total mess.
It was utterly in shambles and a state of some distress.
Then I knew my dream was just a dream for, sadly, I confess,
it always looks this way!