Molly Has a Myna Bird

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Molly has a myna bird,
a raven and a wren.
She loves her owl, her guinea fowl,
her ostrich and her hen.

She keeps a crow, a condor
and a cuckoo in her house.
A hornbill, hawk, macaw and auk,
a grackle and a grouse.

Her pets include a pelican,
a penguin and a duck.
She thinks its cute the way they hoot,
and chirp and quack and cluck.

She’s happy with her hummingbird,
her swift and swallow too.
It’s safe to say that only they
and nothing else will do.

You see, she has no hamster,
and she doesn’t have a dog.
No snake, no rat, no tabbycat,
no ferret, fish or frog.

She’s never said she hates those pets
in quite so many words.
And yet, you’ll find, to Molly’s mind,
they’re strictly for the birds.