I’m Srot of Srcmabled Up Tdaoy

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I'm Sort of Scrambled Up Today by Kenn Nesbitt

I’m srot of srcmabled up tdaoy.
I’m tolatly cnofsued.
You mgiht tihnk taht it’s fnuny, but
I’m relaly not amsued.

I’m feeilng srot of sctaterbarined.
I’m trleuy in a tzizy.
I’m jsut not thniknig stragiht at all.
I’m afwluly dzaed and dzizy.

I msut be hrad to udnersatnd.
My wrods are scuh a jmuble.
My mnid feles lkie it msised a setp
and took a ltitle tmuble.

My haed is suepr wozoy and
I’m wbobly on my legs.
I geuss I sholudn’t strat the day
by etaing scrmabled eggs.