Ferret Soccer

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Ferret Soccer

Ferret soccer!
Ferret soccer!
Come with me.
Let’s go see.
I have heard that, mainly,
ferrets play insanely.
That sound great!
I can’t wait!

Ferret soccer.
Ferret soccer.
There’s a kick,
hard and quick.
Aiming at the goalie,
but he’s moving slowly.
Hit his snout.
Knocked him out!

Ferret soccer.
What a shocker.
Holy cow!
What’s up now?
Took a new approach and
aimed it at the coach and
he’s out cold.
That was bold!

Ferret soccer.
Off their rocker.
This is bad.
They’ve gone mad.
Sending balls a-flying.
Audience is crying.
Got us too.
Big boo hoo.

Game is over.
Game is over.
Ferrets win.
See them grin.
That was such a thrill. Hey,
I can’t wait until they
play again.
Let’s go then.