A Goat in a Landfill

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goat poem movie poem

A goat was in a landfill
eating garbage and debris
and came across a movie;
a discarded DVD.

He chewed the case and cover
and the flavor made him smile.
He took the disc between his lips
and nibbled for a while.

He thought, “This film is brilliant;
full of action and suspense.
The story is exciting
and the fight scenes are intense.

“It’s got a lot of comedy,
a touch of sweet romance,
and music so inspiring
it makes me want to dance.”

He gnawed a little longer
through some drama and a chase,
and finished off the movie
with a grin upon his face.

He gulped the closing credits —
one more bite was all it took —
and thought, “That film was awesome
but I still preferred the book.”