Reading Level: Kindergarten

Poems suitable for reading by 5-6 year olds.

I Miss My Sister

I miss my sister all the time.
For her it’s not the same.
She never misses me at all.
She has a better aim.

Pitta Patta, Pitta Patta


Pitta patta,
Pitta patta.
Boom. Boom. Boom.

Wiggle waggle,
Wiggle waggle.
Vroom. Vroom. Vroom.

Wicka wicka,
Wucka wucka.
Bang. Bang. Bang.

Chicka chicka.
Chucka chucka.
Clang. Clang. Clang.

Ratta tatta.
Ratta tatta.
Bam. Bam. Bam.

Fudda ludda,
Fudda ludda.
Wham. Wham. Wham.

Every day and
Every night it’s
Noise. Noise. Noise.

That’s the way my
Baby brother
Plays with toys.

Snow Day

“Snow day!”
Fred said.
“All play.
Let’s sled!”

“No school!
Just snow.
Way cool.
Let’s go!”

Fred ran
in shed.
Had plan.
Got sled.

“Go slow,”
Mom said.
“I know,”
said Fred.

Up hill
went Fred.
Down hill
Fred sped.

Sled streaked
on past.
Mom shrieked,
“Too fast!”

Snow blew.
“Can’t see!”
Fred flew.
Hit tree.

Sled bent.
Fred’s head
got dent.
Poor Fred.

He cried.
Now plays
snow days.

December 26

A bb gun.
A model plane.
A basketball.
A ‘lectric train.
A bicycle.
A cowboy hat.
A comic book.
A baseball bat.
A deck of cards.
A science kit.
A racing car.
A catcher’s mitt.
That’s my list
of everything
that Santa Claus
forgot to bring.

No Pencil

No pencil.
No marker.
No paint brush.
No pen.
No nothing
to draw with
or paint with

No blue paint.
No green paint.
No pink paint.
No red.
Mom takes them
away when
I color
my head.

The Man From Planet X

How do you do? My name is Rex.
I am the man from Planet X.
It’s true, you know. I wouldn’t lie.
They just do that on Planet Y.






looks t o t a l l y s p a c e d o u t.

I Played a Game


I played a game.
I rode my bike.
I had a snack.
I took a hike.
I read a book.
I watched T.V.
I built a fort.
I climbed a tree.
I surfed the web.
I played guitar.
I caught a bug
inside a jar.
I called my friends.
I dug a hole.
I kicked a ball.
I scored a goal.
I had a swim.
I learned to skate.
I played with toys.
I stayed up late.
It’s fair to say
I do like school,
but even more, though,
weekends rule!

Five Sense Nonsense

I saw a saw.
I felt some felt.
I heard a herd.
I smelt a smelt.
I ate at eight.
So tell me, do,
does this make any
sense to you?

Hot Sun

“Hot sun!
What fun!
I’ll swim!”
said Tim.

“I’ll get
so wet,
so cool,
in pool!”

Mom, dad,
they had
two rules
at pools.

Rule one:
Don’t run.
Just go
real slow.

Rule two:
If you
splash you’ll
leave pool.

But Tim,
poor him,
he got
so hot.

Oh man,
he ran!
Slip! Trip!

Big bomb
soaked mom
and dad.
They’re mad!

Now Tim
can’t swim.
No fun.
Hot sun.