When Frankenstein Sat Down to Dine

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When Frankenstein Sat Down to Dine by Kenn Nesbitt

When Frankenstein sat down to dine
he ate some Hershey bars.
Then Dracula joined in and had
a Snickers and a Mars.

The Mummy munched some Gummis
and the Wolfman wolfed a Trix.
A ghost, a ghoul, and goblin gobbled
several Pixy Stix.

The Zombie and the Skeleton
both licked some lollipops.
The Blob then wobbled in and
sucked on several lemon drops.

Then King Kong ate a Ding Dong
and Godzilla gorged on gum.
The Fly was quite content
to simply nibble on a crumb.

So please beware, you kids out there;
if they want sweets for eating
this year on Halloween they might
join you for trick-or-treating.