We’re Dragons of Leisure

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We’re dragons of leisure.
with time on our hands
to travel and visit
our neighboring lands.

For traveling truly
is what we enjoy.
We’ll cross the Aegean
to traipse around Troy.

We’ll fly to Phoenicia
to take in the sights.
In Persia we’ll pass the
Arabian nights.

We’ll sightsee in Cyprus.
We’ll cruise around Crete,
then make it to Malta
for something to eat.

We’ll ramble through Rhodes
buying quaint souvenirs.
We’ll go explore Egypt
or tramp through Tangiers.

Of all of the places
we’ve traveled and seen,
our favorite is Italy,
verdant and green.

Whenever we go there
we feel right at home.
Believe us, it’s true:
there is no place like Rome.