The Weather Is Perfect for Running

A Funny Exercise Poem for Kids

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The weather is perfect for running.
I think that I’ll go for a jog.
Except I’m a little bit tired,
so maybe I’ll just walk the dog.

But he seems too hyper for walking.
He looks kind of hard to control.
So maybe I’ll leave him at home,
and go for a leisurely stroll.

But all of my socks are too dirty,
and all of my shoes are untied.
So maybe I’ll sit on the front porch.
Or maybe I’ll just stay inside.

I see that my kitten is purring,
and wants to curl up on my lap.
It wouldn’t be right to prevent her
from getting her afternoon nap.

It’s comfortable here on the sofa.
My pillows are cozy and deep.
The weather is perfect for running.
So that’s why I’m going to sleep.

 — Kenn Nesbitt

Copyright © 2015. All Rights Reserved.

Reading Level: Grade 1

Topics: Health, Seasonal Poems, Sleep


About This Poem

Have you ever felt energized and ready to do something that might seem a little difficult? Maybe you felt ready to write a book, clean your room, start a weight-loss diet, go for a run, or something like that. Did you do it?

Sometimes it's easy to find excuses for not following through. And distractions are everywhere. Maybe there's a terrific show on TV. Or someone invites you to go play. Or you're kind of hungry and there are cookies in the kitchen.

And so, even though you you may have the best of intentions, you wind up putting off your goal until it's too late, and you end up doing something easier or more fun, instead of whatever you had planned.

I'm as guilty of this as anybody. I had a lot of good excuses for not going to the gym this week. Maybe I'll go today. :-)

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