The Tale of the Sun and the Moon

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The sun was in his bathing suit,
the moon in her pajamas.
They played all day
until the two
were called in by their mamas.

The sun went home and climbed in bed,
his mama sang a tune,
and soon the sun
was fast asleep
and dreaming of the moon.

The moon decided not to go;
instead she stayed outside.
She danced and played
and laughed and sang
and stayed awake all night.

When morning came the sun arose
and went outside to play,
but could not find
his friend the moon,
who slept inside all day.

So now these two are best of friends,
apart in dark and light.
The sun turns in
at evenfall —
the moon stays out all night.

The shining moon sees no sunlight,
the sun sees no moonbeams,
but when they each
are fast asleep
they’re in each other’s dreams.