The Noisy Boys from Boise

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The Noisy Boys from Boise

The Noisy Boys from Boise
are the noisiest of boys.
They’re boisterous annoyances.
They’re great at making noise.

They wake up every morning
with a, “COCK-A-DOODLE-DOO!”
And then they start to BARK! and HONK!
and OINK! and CLUCK! and MOO!

At breakfast time they throw their bowls
to hear the way they SMASH!
They fill the room with BAM! and BOOM!
and BASH! and CRACK! and CRASH!

They STOMP and TROMP around the house
until it’s time for lunch,
then POUND their plates with hammers
for the CLATTER and the CRUNCH!

They CLANG on cans and pots and pans,
then BANG the dinner bell,
which means it’s time to SLURP! and BURP!
and run around and YELL!

And when they go to bed
they’re even louder than before.
The Noisy Boys from Boise sleep…
and SNORE, and SNORE, and SNORE!