The Lamps Were All Delighted

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The Lamps Were All Delighted by Kenn Nesbitt

The lamps were all delighted
when the trousers were decreased
by the tailor who depressed them
(though he’s recently deceased).

When the music was denoted
the musicians were defunct,
and some blankets were discovered
when the campers were debunked.

Lots of chickens were discounted
since their eggs had been delayed,
and the students were detested
by the games that they displayed.

Ancient castles were demoted.
Autographs were then designed.
All the credit cards were discharged
and the bad guys were defined.

Several ships were then deported.
Many dinners were disgraced.
Hordes of horses were detailed
as some watches were defaced.

Then the blankets were recovered
and the autographs resigned,
as the ships were all reported
and the bad guys were refined.