The Dragon on the Playground

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There’s a dragon on the playground
who descended from the skies.
He swooped down on the schoolyard
where he took us by surprise.

He leapt across the blacktop
in a single bounding stride,
erupting flames and lava
to incinerate the slide.

He reared his huge and scaly head
and flapped his leathery wings,
then set the soccer field ablaze
and blackened all the swings.

He cauterized the asphalt
with a sudden, fiery flash.
Then reeled upon the seesaw
and converted it to ash.

He melted all the monkey bars.
The sand was molten glass.
With nothing left to liquefy
he headed for our class.

I doubt we’ll soon be rid of him
despite the fires he’s set.
You see, our teacher likes him,
so he’s now the teacher’s pet.