The Candy Cane Collector

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From the book My Dog Likes to Disco

Hello, my name is Hector.
I’m a candy cane collector.
I collect the finest candy canes
from all around the world.

My candy canes are quite a sight.
While some are dark and some are light,
they’re mostly colored red and white,
and all of them are swirled.

A few of them are blue or green,
or purple, pink, or tangerine,
or pumpkin-hued for Halloween,
or rainbow-colored too.

I go to countries far and near
to buy them all and bring them here,
three hundred sixty days a year;
it’s what I like to do.

I tour the world on ships and planes,
and buses, bikes, and subway trains
because collecting candy canes
has always been my mission.

I hope you’ll come and see someday.
I’ve set them out. They’re on display.
And, best of all, I have to say,
they’re all in mint condition.

 — Kenn Nesbitt

Copyright © 2021. All Rights Reserved.

Reading Level: Grade 3

Topics: Food Poems, Halloween, Poems about Kooky Characters

Poetic Techniques: Alliteration, Rhyme Schemes


From the Book My Dog Likes to Disco

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