The Addlepated Glundersnedd

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Industrious and underfed,
the addlepated Glundersnedd
resides inside, beneath your bed
and waits for dusky dark to spread.

He waits until your lights are out
to leave his roost and snoop about,
then snuffles with his snarkly snout
in search of salty sauerkraut.

For pickled cabbage, steamed or stewed,
or baked or boiled or barbecued
is pretty much his favorite food
and puts him in a merry mood.

But if he snuffles all around
and makes that snarkly snorting sound
within the drawers and on the ground,
and sauerkraut cannot be found

The addlepated Glundersnedd
industrious and underfed
harumph-a-lumps right back to bed
to snack on girls and boys instead.

Of all the things that he’ll ingest
from north or south or east or west
as you already may have guessed
he fancies children second best.

So if you plan to keep your head
then please remember what I said:
to feed the dreaded Glundersnedd
keep sauerkraut beside your bed!