Teary Tori

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One evening Tori went to bed to
cry, cry, cry,
but wouldn’t tell her friends or parents
why, why, why.
No matter how her family would
try, try, try,
they couldn’t stop the teardrops from her
eye, eye, eye.
They took her to the doctor who said,
“My, my, my,”
but couldn’t get her crying eyes to
dry, dry, dry.
She sobbed with tears continuing to
fly, fly, fly,
like stormy weather raindrops from the
sky, sky, sky,
but still she wouldn’t speak for she was
shy, shy, shy.
The days and weeks and months and years went
by, by, by
until the day that Tori knew she’d
die, die, die.
She took a breath and heaved a weary
sigh, sigh, sigh.
and said “I’ll tell you why I’m sad and
I, I, I,
have never done a thing except to
cry, cry, cry.
You see, I ate a piece of cherry
pie, pie, pie,
but really wanted apple, so good-
bye, bye, bye.”