Spaghetti, Dear Spaghetti

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Spaghetti Dear Spaghetti by Kenn Nesbitt

Spaghetti, dear spaghetti
you’re the only thing I eat.
I love you, dear spaghetti.
Yes, you make my life complete.

I love you with spaghetti sauce.
With garlic you’re delicious.
I’ll have you, please, with creamy cheese
or little clams and fishes.

With butter you’re incredible.
With herbs my taste buds quiver.
I’d even eat you happily
with Brussels sprouts and liver.

Spaghetti, you’re the greatest food
that ever was invented.
I used to eat some other foods
but now I have repented.

There’s nothing that I’d rather have,
than noodles under meat sauce.
But, whoops! I’ve changed my mind. Goodbye.
I’m now in love with pizzas.