Something Under My Bed

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Something Under My Bed by Kenn Nesbitt

There’s something underneath my bed.
It’s kind of hard to see.
But, every time I look, I think
it’s looking back at me.

It’s dark and somewhat fuzzy like
an old and moldy peach.
I can’t tell if it’s moving but
it stays beyond my reach.

It might be made of dust balls or
a pile of stinky socks,
or maybe dirty underwear
and missing Lego blocks.

It could be where my crayons went
and where my games keep going,
since, every time I look at it,
it seems as if it’s growing.

It grew a little yesterday.
It grew the day before.
I looked again today and saw
it grew a little more.

I’m starting to get worried since
I don’t know what it is.
I showed it to my brother, but
he swears it isn’t his.

I hope it goes away soon, since,
if things do not improve,
I’ll have to go tell mom and dad
it’s time for us to move.