Sailing Off to Singapore

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I’d like to sail to Singapore,
Jakarta or Rangoon,
but our boat is barely moving
on this windless afternoon.

I’d steer my ship to Stockholm,
set a course for Southern Spain,
I’d be guided by a lighthouse
off the rocky coast of Maine.

I’d cut past Krakatau
and chart a course to Katmandu.
I would voyage into Venice,
and I’d cruise around Corfu.

I’d glide through the Galapagos,
and drift through the Bahamas,
where I’d navigate by starlight
in my mariner’s pajamas.

I’d skim the seven salty seas
and plow the briny waves.
I would circumnavigate the globe
exploring coastal caves.

I’ll shortly start my journey.
I’ll begin my travels soon,
in this boat parked in our driveway
on this windless afternoon.