Our Family’s Not from Mercury

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Our family’s not from Mercury.
We’ve never been to Venus.
I’m certain, if we had been, that
somebody would have seen us.

We’ve never flown to planet Mars
and never gone to Jupiter.
Suggestions that we’ve traveled there
could not be any stupider.

We’ve never stood on Neptune’s shores.
We’ve never circled Saturn
or seen its lovely colored rings
in their concentric pattern.

We haven’t been to Uranus
and Pluto’s much too distant.
(Our folks refused to take us
even though we were insistent.)

It wasn’t up in outer space
our parents gave us birth.
They had us right here safe at home
on dear old planet Earth.

So what I simply can’t explain
is why my sister, Janet,
behaves as if she were a creature
from another planet!