Noah Lott

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Noah Lott is awfully smart
and loves to share his knowledge.
He’s only in the second grade
but ought to be in college.

His brain is like a dictionary
or encyclopedia.
His photographic memory
is also multimedia.

Our teacher thinks he’s wonderful.
She showers him with praise.
On every test and every quiz
she always gives him A’s.

But students, on the otherhand,
consider him a nerd.
We think the things he knows
are more than just a bit absurd.

He bores us all with endless lists
of truly useless trivia,
like names of craters on the moon
and insects in Bolivia.

It’s probably embarrassing
to know as much as him,
but not as bad as being
just a little bit too dim.

Like when the teacher calls on me
and I say, “I forgot.”
I wish that I could be
a little more like Noah Lott.