My Personal Slave

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I’m making my brother my personal slave,
so now when I greet you my brother will wave.
He’ll do all my homework; he’ll take all my tests.
He’ll clean up my messes and wait on my guests.

He’ll hold out my hanky whenever I sneeze.
He’ll say that he did it if I “cut the cheese.”
He’ll go take a bath if I play in the dirt.
He’ll eat all my spinach, then feed me dessert.

He’ll empty the garbage and vacuum the floors
and finish my other unsavory chores,
like washing the dishes and mowing the yard
or anything else even modestly hard.

I really enjoy all the effort I save
by making my brother my personal slave.
And though I’ll admit how exciting it is,
I’m not sure it’s worth it, ’cause next week I’m his.