My Mom Likes Playing DnD

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My Mom Likes Playing DnD by Kenn Nesbitt

My mom likes playing DnD
alone inside her room,
but doesn’t have adventures
in a dungeon or a tomb.

She doesn’t get together with
her friends to go on quests.
She doesn’t battle monsters
and explore for treasure chests.

She doesn’t conjure magic spells
like lightning balls and ice.
I’m pretty sure she doesn’t even
own a set of dice.

And I don’t think she’s playing
as a halfling or an elf.
But, still, she plays it every day,
and always by herself.

I think she might be playing
a completely different game.
The only thing it seems to have
in common is the name.

She’ll shout, “I’m playing DnD.
This game is just superb,”
then hang a sign outside her door.
It reads, “Do Not Disturb.”