Mrs. DeBuss

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Our second grade teacher, named Mrs. DeBuss
has never had such a fun classroom as us.
You see, all the students have interesting names,
instead of just plain ones, like Sarah or James.

So when she calls roll it is terribly funny;
she calls “Lauren Order” and then “Xavier Money.”
Then “Ben Dare” and “Dawn Datt” and “Isabel Ringing,”
“Amanda B. Reckondwith,” “Ella Fantsinging.”

She calls “Cole Doubtside,” “Anna Won,” “Anna Tu,”
“Justin Time,” “Justin Case,” “Ahmal Wright,” “Howard Yu.”
She calls “Noah Liddle” and “Isaiah Lott”
plus “Diane Tumeechu” and “Heywood U. Knott.”

“Claire Skyes” and “Paige Turner” and “Mike Carson-Fire.”
“Jack Hammer,” “Paul Barer,” “Ed Hertz,” and “Barb Dwyer.”
Then “Colin Alcars,” “Moira Less” and “Les Moore,”
“Sonny Day,” “Sandy Beach,” and then “Robin D. Store.”

She calls “Woody Dewitt” and “I. Betty Wood,”
“Jose Ken Yusee,” and then “Willie B. Goode.”
She calls “Marcus Downe,” and then “Natalie Drest,”
and lastly, of course, she calls “Olive D. Wrest.”