Mr. Negative

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Mr. Negative by Kenn Nesbitt

I’m known as Mr. Negative.
My favorite word is “No.”
No matter what you say to me
I’ll say it isn’t so.

I’ll gladly burst your bubble
as I rain on your parade,
and when life gives you lemons,
I’ll say, “Don’t make lemonade!”

Now, please don’t try to cheer me up
with happiness and hope.
You might be bright and bouncy
but my answer’s always, “Nope.”

I’m also fond of “never,”
“absolutely not,” “no way,”
“thumbs down,” “uh-uh,” “forget it,”
“not by any means,” and, “nay.”

I’m positively negative!
I’m glad I told you though.
So, don’t come looking for a “Yes.”
I know you know I “No.”