Moving to China

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I’m moving to China as soon as I can.
Or maybe Jamaica or maybe Japan.
I’m heading for someplace a long way away,
so try all you want, but you can’t make me stay.

You won’t see my face around here anymore.
I’m practically ready to walk out the door.
I’m taking my stuff and beginning to pack.
I’m leaving forever and not coming back.

I really don’t care if I travel by train,
or sailboat, or steamship, or snowplow, or plane,
or surfboard, or bulldozer, bobsled, or bike,
or truck, or toboggan, or tractor, or trike.

As long as I end up a long way from here,
in Norway, New Zealand, Nepal, or Zaire,
or Pakistan, Poland perhaps, or Peru,
or Turkey, or Thailand, or, yes, Timbuktu.

I hope that you don’t think I’m selfish or rude.
It’s just that I haven’t got money or food.
I promise — you’ll see — I’ll be gone in a flash.
as soon as you feed me and lend me some cash.