Morning Sports

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While Colin and Casey are practicing catch,
Victoria’s calling a volleyball match.
Brianna and Braden are batting a ball
with racquets and whacking it off of the wall.

While Thomas is doing his Tae-Kwon-Do kicks,
a hockey game’s going with ice skates and sticks.
Roberto and Robin are having a race
and Desmond is dancing all over the place.

Belinda is bouncing a ball on her head.
Fernando and Felix are fencing with Fred.
Jamahl’s playing jump rope with Jasmine and Jack,
and Ricky is running with Bree on his back.

We’re having such fun as we jump, kick, and duel,
we’ve just now discovered we’re all late for school.
We’ve suddenly noticed we’re still not there yet,
and, boy, is the bus driver ever upset.