Merlo the Magnificent

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I am Merlo the Magnificent
I’m skilled at sleight of hand.
I’m a master prestidigitator;
greatest in the land.

Yes, at making things invisible
I’m truly the premier.
There is nothing that I cannot make
completely disappear.

I have hidden doves and rabbits
in the lining of my cloak.
I’ve concealed my stage assistant
in a camouflage of smoke.

I’ve evaporated elephants,
put tigers out of view.
I’ve disguised the Eiffel Tower
and the Wall of China too.

I have made a mountain vanish
and an ocean fade from sight.
I’ve eclipsed the midday sun
to turn the afternoon to night.

I’m undoubtedly the best
at getting things to disappear,
so would someone please explain this to me:
Why are you still here?