Melody Ring

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Melody Ring has a musical family.
A musical family has Melody Ring.
Her mother likes opera and symphony music,
and frequently joins in a chorus to sing.

But Melody Ring doesn’t know how to sing.
She’s unable to utter a hum or a chirp.
She opens her mouth with the best of intentions
but all she can manage to make is a “BURRRP!”

Her father is partial to country and western.
He plays his harmonica all through the day,
then strums on his banjo or pounds the piano;
there’s hardly an instrument father can’t play.

But Melody Ring doesn’t play any instruments;
not an accordian, trumpet or flute.
She’ll pick up a piccolo planning to play
but before she can blow it she’ll let out a “TOOOOT!”

Her brother plays drums and electric guitar
and he jams with his friends in a rock-and-roll band.
He also spins turntables, scratching and rapping
and loves to play music his parents can’t stand.

But Melody isn’t as cool as her brother.
She can’t spin a record. She can’t even rap.
She picks up the microphone, ready to rock
but the best she can do is a “PHHHHHT” and a “BRAAAAP!”

Melody’s parents are truly embarrassed.
They simply don’t know what to say or to do.
And so they’ve decided to not say a word…
at least until next year, when Melody’s two.