Lost Inside a Labyrinth

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Lost Inside a Labyrinth by Kenn Nesbitt

I’m lost inside a labyrinth.
I’m stuck inside a maze.
I’m not sure how it happened but
I’ve been in here for days.

I should have paid attention
when I took that fateful turn
and stepped in absent-mindedly
without the least concern.

You see, what I had thought would be
an ordinary hike
is now a maze of twisty little
tunnels, all alike.

I’m looking left. I’m looking right.
I’m staring straight ahead,
but can’t decide which path to take.
It’s filling me with dread.

I’ve tried to find some kind of sign
that shows which way to go.
And, now that I’ve run into you,
I wonder if you know?

If we just work together,
I expect we’ll be okay.
So, if you have a moment,
won’t you help me find the way?