I’ve Seen My Kitchen Sink

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I’ve seen my kitchen sink.
I saw my garden rose.
I’m not sure why my eye drops
but I think my nostril knows.

I’ve had a root beer float.
I’ve watched a lemon drop.
I’ve listened to a ginger snap
and heard a soda pop.

I’ve seen a hot dog stand.
I saw a salad bowl.
I’ve even seen a pretzel twist
and watched a dinner roll.

I’ve seen a great home run.
I saw a big house fly.
I’ve even seen a barefoot race
and watched a bolo tie.

I’ve seen a long ski jump.
I’ve heard a loud bell hop.
I saw a birthday party
and I watched an antique shop.

I’ve seen a belly dance.
I’ve seen a quick fox trot.
I think that’s what my chain saw
but I’m sure my rope did knot.