Inside Our Fridge

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Inside our fridge there’s still a smidge
of old and moldy ham.
And, next to it, there’s quite a bit
of dried-up, fried-up Spam.

The bacon in the crisper bin
has been there much too long.
The sausage links have such a stink.
Their smell is simply wrong.

The ribs and roast are both the most
disgusting ever seen.
Yes, every piece has rancid grease
and spots of bluish-green.

We left it there without a care
for weeks, or months, or years.
Now all this rotten food we’ve got
is bringing us to tears.

I guess we should have understood
it must be eaten quick.
And if we wait till it’s too late,
it might just make us sick.

But now this meat — too old to eat,
too fossilized to fork,
from long before the dinosaurs —
is all Jurassic Pork.