I’m Super Excited

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I'm Super Excited by Kenn Nesbitt
I’m super excited,
as if I could fly.
I’m so overjoyed that
I nearly could cry.

It’s such a sensation
I’m having today.
I’m whooping and cheering
and shouting, “Hooray!”

A weight on my shoulders
was instantly lifted.
It suddenly seems like
a gift I’ve been gifted.

My mood is improving.
My spirits are lighter.
It feels like the future
is bound to be brighter.

The spring in my step
is apparent to all.
My head is held high and
I’m standing up tall.

I’m cheerful and chipper.
I’m happy-go-lucky.
I’m tickled to tell you
I’m feeling just ducky.

I’m thrilled. I’m elated.
I’m yelling, “Yahoo!”
And, what’s more important,
I hope you are too.