I’d Like to Meet an Alien

A Funny Alien Poem for Kids

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I’d like to meet an alien.
Yeah, wouldn’t that be neat?
I’m sure there’s not another
creature I would rather meet.

I wouldn’t care if he was big,
or medium, or tiny,
or if his skin was rough and tough,
or super smooth and shiny.

I’d like him if his head were bald
or covered up with hair.
I’d like him if his face were round,
triangular, or square.

He could be colored black and white,
or yellow, red, and green.
He might be awfully dirty
or meticulously clean.

I’d like him if he whispered
and I’d like him if he yelled.
I’d like him if he used perfume
or positively smelled.

It wouldn’t matter much to me
if he was soft or scaly,
or if he danced the rhumba
or he played the ukulele.

He could look like a lizard
or be furry and mammalian.
I’d simply like to scare my mom
by bringing home an alien.

 — Kenn Nesbitt

Copyright © 2014. All Rights Reserved.

Reading Level: Grade 4

Topics: Imaginary Poems, Science and Technology Poems

Poetic Techniques: List Poems


About This Poem

I wrote this poem over a year and a half before I posted it on the website. I wrote it at the request of a friend. One of the topics she suggested for a poem was “aliens.”

While thinking about this, it occurred to me how cool it would be to actually meet an alien, which led to the first line, “I’d like to meet an alien.” After that, all I had to do was imagine what he might look like, and explain why I wanted to meet him.

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