I’d Like to Be a Movie Star

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I'd Like to Be a Movie Star by Kenn Nesbitt

I’d like to be a movie star.
I’d do it if I could.
I’d pack up my belongings and
I’d move to Hollywood.

As soon as I arrived there,
I would make my screen debut.
I’d star in flashy action films.
Adventure movies too.

I’d be in countless comedies
to make the viewers laugh.
Then, when they saw me on the street,
they’d want my autograph.

I’d soon become so famous
that the world would know my name.
I’d hang out with celebrities
and join the Hall of Fame.

I’d buy a fancy mansion
on an island paradise.
I’d love to be a movie star.
Oh, wouldn’t that be nice.

There’s just one little problem;
just one complicating fact…
My parents tell me every day
I don’t know how to act.