I Need to Do My Homework

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I Need to Do My Homework by Kenn Nesbitt

I need to do my homework.
I really shouldn’t wait.
If I don’t do it right away,
my homework will be late.

But first I’ll check my messages.
Oh, look, I got a text.
I probably should answer it,
then do my homework next.

My friend says there’s a video
I simply have to see.
I’ll watch it first,
and do my homework momentarily.

But now I’m feeling hungry, so
I guess I need a snack.
I’ll get myself a bite to eat
and then I’ll come right back.

Oh, hey, I just remembered
there’s a game I want to play.
Just twenty minutes won’t make
that much difference anyway.

I’d better do my homework now
and not procrastinate.
Except, oh no! It’s time for bed…
My homework will be late.

 — Kenn Nesbitt

Copyright © 2021. All Rights Reserved.

Reading Level: Grade 3

Topics: School Poems, Science and Technology Poems

Poetic Techniques: Narrative Poems


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