I Met a Sphinx of Stature

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I met a sphinx of stature
at a crossing in the road.
She said, “You’re looking tired.
Won’t you let me take your load?

“Please join me for a cup of tea.
We’ll sit a while and talk.
Come rest your weary feet
before continuing your walk.”

She showed me to her home
and quite insisted that I stay.
She said, “Tomorrow morning
I will see you on your way.”

That sphinx was kind and gracious,
so well-mannered and polite.
She brought me bread and olives
to assuage my appetite.

She brought a jug of nectar
and a pillow for my head,
and as the constellations rose
she tucked me into bed.

When morning came she packed my bag
and saw me to the road
and thanked me for my visit
to her humble sphinx abode.

I’ve often heard that sphinxes
try to menace and harass
the wanderers who come their way
and simply want to pass.

But Sphinxes are hospitable
as far as I can tell.
Of course, that could be just because
I am a sphinx as well.