I Like to Pretend to Be Like Myself

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I like to pretend to be like myself.
It’s harder than you would suppose.
I frequently say things that I would say.
I often will wear my own clothes.

I put on my sneakers and brush my hair
exactly the way that I’d do,
and sometimes I wear my own underwear
and no one has even a clue.

I walk just exactly the way I’d walk
and go to the places I’d go.
I play with the people who play with me
and say things that only I’d know.

I do a remarkable job sometimes
and everyone thinks that I’m me.
They can’t tell that really I’m not myself,
but only pretending to be.

So next time you see me I might not be
the person you think that you see.
I often pretend to be like myself.
It’s fun to pretend to be me.