I Have an Amoeba

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I Have an Amoeba by Kenn Nesbitt

I have an amoeba I keep as a pet.
Today is his birthday. I didn’t forget.
I baked him a cake so incredibly small,
a microscope’s needed to see it at all.

This minuscule morsel’s so meager and scant,
it wouldn’t suffice as a snack for an ant.
There isn’t a flea this confection would feed;
this particle pastry is paltry indeed.

It’s infinitesimal; barely a speck.
I managed to frost it with less than a fleck.
I topped it with candles of miniature size,
to give my amoeba his birthday surprise.

At last it was ready. The cake was all set,
and just the right size for my single-celled pet.
The candles were lit. It was perfectly frosted.
I set the cake down and I instantly lost it.