I Dreamed that I Was Flying

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I dreamed that I was in my room
when much to my surprise,
I found that if I flapped my arms
it made me start to rise.

I waved my arms a little more
and floated off the ground,
I rose up to the ceiling
and I had a look around.

I flapped around my bedroom
then decided what I’d do:
I opened up my window,
waved my arms, and out I flew!

I flew around the city
with surprising grace and ease.
I sailed along the rooftops
and I soared among the trees.

I chased a pair of pigeons
’round the playground in the park.
I raced beside a robin
and cavorted with a lark.

And when I tired of flying
and decided I should rest,
I joined a sleeping eagle
for a nap inside his nest.

I woke confused this morning,
and I had to scratch my head,
for underneath my covers
I found feathers in my bed.