How Not to Cook

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How Not to Cook by Kenn Nesbitt

To be a chef, you need to learn
techniques for cooking foods.
I have a list of those techniques
and here’s what it includes…

It’s perfect if you fry the fries.
It’s great to toast the toast.
It’s alright if you char the chard.
It’s good to roast the roast.

It’s fine to pickle pickles
and to smooth the smoothies too,
and stuffing stuff in stuffing
is a splendid thing to do.

It’s true that you can stew the stew
and you can shake the shakes,
and dip the dips and whip the whips
and maybe stake the steaks.

Why, you could even grill the grill,
and you could spice the spice,
and microwave the microwave,
and ice the ice with ice.

But one technique that isn’t found
in any guide or book
is something you should never do…
Don’t ever cook the cook.