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Help! by Kenn Nesbitt

Please help me! I’m stuck in this website.
I’ve tried but I cannot get out.
I’m jumping and waving
and ranting and raving.
Can you really not hear me shout?

I’m not even sure how it happened.
And, yet, I’m right under the page.
I woke up this morning
without any warning
to find myself trapped in this cage.

I’ve tried crawling under the bottom.
I’ve tried climbing over the top.
But no one will free me.
They can’t even see me
no matter how high that I hop.

I’ve left you a voice mail message.
I’ve sent a few texts with my phone.
I’m knocking. I’m banging.
I’m pounding. I’m clanging.
And, yet, I’m still in here alone.

I hope that you’ll come to my rescue.
I know that the chance is remote.
But, still, it’s worth trying
and better than crying,
So that’s why I wrote you this note.