Hank the Helpful Helper

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Hank the Helpful Helper

I’m Hank the Helpful Helper.
I’m helpful as can be.
I’ll help you spend your money.
I’ll help you watch TV.

I’ll help you read your comics
and play with all your toys.
I’ll help you mess your room up
and make a lot of noise.

I’ll help you pet your kitten.
I’ll help you fly your drone.
I’ll help you open presents
and play games on your phone.

I’ll help you eat your ice cream,
your cookies, and your cakes.
I’ll help you drink your sodas,
your smoothies, and your shakes.

Now, some things I can’t help with
but, really, just a few…
I can’t help with your homework
or chores you have to do.

But if it’s really easy
and super fun to do,
I’m ready to be helpful.
So, how can I help you?