Eb and Flo

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Two Eskimos named Eb and Flo
were dozing by the ocean.
They watched the water ebb and flow
without their suntan lotion.

But Eb and Flo, they didn’t know,
they didn’t have a notion,
that they were floating on a floe,
a floe that was in motion.

So Eb and Flo, the Eskimos,
they caused a big commotion
by floating off where no one knows
upon the frozen ocean.

The story goes they caused such woes,
such mournful, sad emotion,
their families froze in blowing snows
while bawling by the ocean.

So Jills and Joes, if you repose
when going to the ocean,
then know your floes and don’t you doze,
and use your suntan lotion.