Captain Impossible

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Captain Impossible by Kenn Nesbitt

Captain Impossible
likes to have fun
by learning to do things
that cannot be done.

He’ll quack like a rabbit.
He’ll bark like a cat.
He’ll oink like a rooster
and moo like a rat.

He’ll sniff with his fingers.
He’ll taste with his toes.
He’ll see with his elbows
and hear with his nose.

He’ll draw a triangular,
circular square,
then sit on his shoulders
and stroll through the air.

He’ll read with his eyes closed.
He’ll run standing still.
He’ll talk like a rock
as it rolls up a hill.

Impossible things…
he can do quite a few,
but possible things are
too boring to do.

And Captain Impossible
likes to have fun,
so he won’t read this poem
since that can be done.