Bradley Beard is Rather Weird

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Bradley Beard is rather weird;
the strangest kid around.
He grabs his socks and pulls them up
and rises off the ground.

He’ll tug on his suspenders
or he’ll yank upon his hair,
and suddenly he’s levitating,
floating in the air.

It’s somewhat disconcerting,
but it’s also pretty cool
to see him floating down the street
as Bradley drifts to school.

He must be filled with helium,
or may be awfully strong.
Regardless, though, it’s fun to see him
hovering along.

But do not envy Bradley Beard;
he has to watch his weight,
for if he ever gains a pound
he’ll cease to levitate.

And if he doesn’t eat enough
on any given day,
then Bradley Beard, who’s rather weird,
will simply float away.