Anna Graham

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Silly, mixed-up Anna Graham
often mixes up her words.
She says calm instead of clam.
Shred will sometimes come out herds.

Notes are stone and news is sewn.
Bakers, breaks, and aches are chase.
Iron beat is baritone.
Route capes just means outer space.

Geraldine is realigned.
Mites are times, and limes are smile.
Denim often comes out mined.
Relatives are versatile.

Steak is skate and tale is late.
Name is mispronounced as mean.
Breathe in turns to hibernate.
Bargained sounds like gabardine.

Pore is rope and poles are slope.
Mash is sham and balm is lamb.
Poem always make her mope;
silly, mixed-up Anna Graham.

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